Stop Debt Collectors…COLD!

Tired of DEBT collection calls and financial obligation collector harassment? Have you ever got a collection call where the financial obligation collector was annoying, impolite, demeaning or harassing? Please feel free to contact us: Bankruptcy Lawyers MN

There is an easy way to stop debt collector harassment, in fact it typically just takes 3 words to stop bill collector harassment in its tracks. 3 Powerful Words that a lot of financial obligation collectors fear, because they understand if they state or do the wrong thing, they might get involved in a great deal of problem.

So what are these 3 Words that can prevent or stop debt collector harassment?

The 3 words are “I tape-record calls!”.

These 3 little words are really effective when it comes to avoiding and even stopping collection harassment from occurring.

Stating the 3 effective words “I Record Calls” need to avoid most collectors from stating something that could be in violation of your customer rights under the fair financial obligation collection practice act (aka FDCPA). The FDCPA is a set of rules and laws 3rd party debt collectors need to follow and it plainly specifies that 3rd party collectors can not be mean, impolite or harassing.

The reason this statement is so effective, is that the majority of collectors will say or do anything to attempt to collect a debt, if they think they can get away with it. By letting the collector understand you are tape-recording collection calls; this should let the collector understand they can not get away with stating anything they desire.

Collectors understand that if they state the wrong thing and a consumer truly is taping the collection calls that it could be used versus them. For that reason they will be on guard and watch exactly what they say to you, so they do not have a FDCPA infraction, which is an offense of your consumer rights.

In some cases, if you encourage a collector you are recording collection calls, they could right away hang up the phone, ideally you wouldn’t have an issue with that.

There have been lots of cases where consumers have taken legal action against collectors for saying something that protested their rights and they won thousands of dollars, simply due to the fact that they had a recording of the collector’s harassing call. Collectors and collector fear being taken legal action against by customers, particularly if there is solid evidence of harassment with a tape-recorded call.

Naturally you do not actually need to be recording collection calls. Merely stating that you are going to tape-record the collection call need to be enough to prevent the collector from pestering you.

With anything in life there is no assurance and there is no guarantee that this will work with all financial obligation collectors. There may be some rogue costs collectors who don’t care what laws they break. If you are taking care of an expense collector like this, you need to think about in fact taping those calls and acting versus them.

If you did wish to record collection calls, there are many means to do so. I recommend doing a Google search on recording calls to search for the very best choice for you.

So next time you get a financial obligation collection call, state those 3 effective and easy words “I Record Calls” and this need to assist you avoid or even stop financial obligation collector harassment in its tracks. Please feel free to contact us: Bankruptcy Lawyers MN


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