Help, I’ve Been Injured at a Water Park

Water parks are a great way to beat the Austin heat, but can also result in serious injuries

Slip-and-fall injuries can happen at water parks, along with heat-related illnesses and drowning. If you are injured at a water park, do you know who should be held liable? If you are hurt, it is vital you understand your legal rights and contact an experienced Austin Personal Injury Lawyer in your community today.

Water parks Can Be Accountable

Just like other theme and amusement parks, water parks are accountable for operating activities and rides in a manner that will not cause injury to guests. If a water park ride is defective or if improper care caused a ride to malfunction, the water park may be held liable for injuries sustained as a result of the water ride.

Slippery Areas and Contamination

Slippery areas at water parks increase the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. Water parks are also well known for water-borne viruses infecting guests. Food and water contamination can cause serious injury when parasites and bacteria spread to the water supply at the water park.

Young children and the elderly are at high risk of serious injury caused by contaminated water. A water park can be held accountable for these injuries if its conduct led to unsafe conditions on its premises.

The Water park’s Employees

Water parks employ water ride operators, lifeguards and food servers, among others. All of these employees can cause you to incur an injury. Injuries and accidents caused by a water park employee may be the liability of the water park, assuming the employee’s error fell within the job description and duties of the employee.

You have legal rights when facing water park injuries. You don’t have to deal with this alone!

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