How to Determine What Injuries You’ve Sustained from a Car Crash

Car crashes cause damage. While the metal, glass, and plastic damage to your car can be repaired, or the car replaced if need be, damages to your body are not as easily repaired. Many of these injuries, such as bone breaks and open wounds are easily diagnosed, and the treatment needed obvious. Some injuries are not as easily seen and the treatments can be difficult to diagnose without proper information, and the pain and suffering can linger on. 

These injuries can generally be grouped into what is known as SOFT TISSUE DAMAGE. This group refers to any internal injuries that affect the ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves inside the body. A few of these more common soft tissue Atlanta personal injury lawyer:

  • ACL tears in the knee (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
  • Nerve damage
  • Bruising or tearing of the rotator cuff
  • Deep muscle bruising 
  • Muscle detachment
  • Whiplash

One of the issues that can affect an insurance claim relating to these types of injuries is that they can be difficult to diagnose. While the pain and suffering of dealing with them will be obvious to the injured person, as the injuries are internal diagnoses can require a more in-depth analysis by a qualified medical professional. Diagnosis may require several physical examinations, CT scans or even MRI’s. The treatment for such injuries may include a varied approach that could include:

  • Daily intermittent icing
  • Heat applications
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery 
  • Chiropractic manipulation

Oftentimes, such injuries can linger for months and even years and in some cases, the injury may never fully heal and can limit certain movements or cause partial or complete immobility of a body part. It is vital to seek treatment immediately if you feel internal pain, numbness, tingling or shooting pains following a car crash. The sooner the injury is diagnosed, the better your chances of complete recovery. 

Because these injuries are not visible, some insurance companies make it difficult to receive compensation or reimbursement for them. If you have been in a car accident and believe you are suffering from a soft tissue injury, it is recommended that you keep complete records. This should include documenting your pain throughout the day, listing any limitations you are experiencing (such as inability to work, exercise, or perform any other daily activities that you otherwise would have no difficulty in performing) as well as any doctor or physical therapy visits and their accompanying bills. 

It is also recommended that you seek the services of a qualified legal team to represent you. A law firm that has experience in seeking compensation for such injuries will ensure that all necessary action are taken and increase the likelihood of your being financially reimbursed for any loss of wages, bills accrued, and in some cases, additional financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

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