When driving during poor winter weather, make sure you know best practices for safe vehicle operation.

Driving during the wintertime is a necessity. Indeed, even those who may regularly bike or walk to work may be tempted to drive due to unpleasant winter weather, including cold temperatures, snow, slush, and ice. While being within the confines of a car may indeed be more comfortable, driving during the wintertime can put you at an increased risk of accident. Here are some tips for navigating the roads in the face of snow, slush, ice, and poor visibility. 

Driving in the Winter: Tips for Staying Safe

When you are driving in adverse weather conditions, it is important to drive defensively and to prepare for the worst. Some tips for arriving at your destination safely include:

  • Prepare your vehicle. The first thing that you need to pay attention to before you drive in adverse weather conditions is your vehicle – is your car prepared to handle snowy roads? Be sure that your car is equipped with proper tires, that fluids have been topped off, and that its windshield wiper pads are in good condition. Then, before you drive, thoroughly remove all snow and ice from the vehicle. (It is also a smart idea to prepare your vehicle with an emergency kit in the event that something does happen.) 
  • Slow down. While you may still want to get to your destination on time regardless of what Mother Nature is doing, driving too fast for conditions can be dangerous. Not only should you slow your speed when driving conditions are poor, but also be slow to accelerate when the roads are slippery. The same goes for braking – while you may be tempted to lay on the brakes if you start to slip, slow, consistent pressure is more effective.
  • Provide more space between other vehicles and your own. Traffic is likely to be worse when driving conditions are poor, which is just one more reason to provide extra space between your vehicle and others on the road. Resist the urge to follow too closely, and remember that when roads are slippery, stopping times are increased. 
  • Watch out for other drivers. Finally, remember that even if you are driving slowly and safely, there may be others on the road who are not operating nearly as cautiously as you are. If you spot a dangerous driver, move over and let them pass, and resist any temptation to give in to road rage. Additionally, as pointed out by Consumer Reports, drivers with all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive often feel invincible in bad weather. Watch out for these drivers, and do not fall victim to this feeling yourself if you drive such a vehicle. 

Stay Safe This Winter

From all of us at Lomurro Law, we hope that your wintertime is nothing but safe and that bad weather does not contribute to an accident. If you are in a crash, whether it is related to poor weather or not, our experienced Freehold, NJ personal injury lawyers can provide you with a free consultation and legal representation during the claims process. Reach our team today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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