The Seattle Immigration Attorney

If you are still in your home country, or are already on United States soil, read on.  If you’re looking to extend a visa, apply for temporary or permanent residency, or citizenship, you have a set of needs and issues that are unique to you and your immigration process.

You will want to find a professional and reputable lawyer in the Seattle area, a Seattle immigration attorney, who is not only familiar with the immigration policies in the United States, but who has experience in working with immigrants from a variety of countries.

As an immigrant, you have certain rights that are promised to you by the United States government.  An experienced immigration attorney will be familiar with these rights, and be able to protect you and your family from legal issues during the immigration process.  Just one of the many services an immigration attorney will be able to provide is having translated copies of any and all immigration paperwork that you need to read and sign.

You need to make sure you understand everything that is expected of you during the entire immigration process.  Your immigration attorney can make sure that your paperwork is translated into your language, and he or she can also find an interpreter to make sure you understand all the legal jargon used on the paperwork.

Seattle has always been an open and welcome port of entry for immigrants to the United States.  Ever since those dissatisfied with the amount of gold found during the Gold Rush decided to push farther West, instead of giving up and going back east, or back home, Seattle has welcomed immigrants from all countries.

Whether you came to the United States as a student, and now want to stay on and find work or find love in the United States, or if you would like to immigrate here as a permanent resident to perhaps become a citizen at some point, finding a well-established immigration attorney in Seattle is your first step in obtaining your goal for a new future for you and your family.

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