The Think About Us Immigration Law

The immigration process can be daunting to many. You may find it disappointing or consider giving up on US citizenship when your applications continue being rejected for reasons you cannot understand. When moving to the US gets this tough, professional immigration lawyers in Manhattan, NY can help a great deal!

At Thomas P. Nullity & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law, we have a fine grasp of US immigration law, putting us in an advanced position to advice you on ways to expedite processes such as visa applications, family sponsored immigration, and employment sponsored immigration. We can help alien applicants in a variety of immigration matters. Come to us if you need help with the attainment of US citizenship, naturalization, and work visas, or if you need a fiancee visa.

We can help you achieve the immigration status you want, even if you have never tried it before. We can even help you change your name. If you have tried but failed, we begin at examining possible reasons for application denials. There are varying requirements for every type of immigration application, and professional immigration lawyers should study your individual case and provide practical solutions.

Persons who may have committed or been convicted of any crimes may have trouble legally immigrating to the US. People with a communicable disease may face trouble too. Regardless of a possible criminal or health background, working with a competent immigration lawyer is advisable because not all convictions or communicable diseases are a permanent legal barrier to US immigration.

We can help resolve deportation cases to your advantage. If facing deportation, working with our attorneys can provide you a strong deportation defense before the immigration judge. We also effectively pursue asylum waivers.

Speak with one of our professional immigration attorneys from Thomas P. Nullity & Associates, P.C. Attorneys At Law for assistance contesting grounds for deportation.

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