What to do when arrested in Possession of a Controlled Substance

Any component or drug under the regulation of federal or state laws is referred to as a controlled substance. Most of the time, the items are regulated because users can abuse or get addicted to the item.

Offenders need to know the implications when arrested due to illegal and illicit drug possession in Colorado. The authorities keep amending the legislation on controlled substances as there are new ones emerging in the market frequently.

An Overview of the Law

One needs to have a doctor’s prescription when looking to purchase controlled substances for their treatment processes. Ensure that it is valid and updated according to the law. Apart from cannabis that is illegal according to federal laws, most narcotics are regulated.

Colorado laws limit the amount of substance that you can have in your possession. The legislation catches up with you when abusing controlled substances at parties, while driving, or when out in the streets. A judge might sentence you to half a year or more in jail term at county jails. So, it is essential to know what to do when arrested in possession of a controlled substance. Here is what you need to do;

Keep Calm; when the authorities arrest you, it is critical to remain calm and avoid panicking. Keeping calm helps avert the risk of breaking the law further. When you relax, you will not try to resist arrest or try to escape. It assists in avoiding having more offenses on the charge sheet.

  • Be silent; talking too much can land you into more trouble. The police can use what you say against you in a court of law. It is advisable to be polite to the officer and avoid giving out any evidence on the incident.
  • Call a Lawyer; contact a lawyer with the right skills in cases involving drugs. You have your personal lawyer come to the station where you are held. Attorneys are the ones who will talk to the authorities, not you. They are essential in helping you know and protecting your rights.
  • Be Open to your Lawyer; it is impossible for the professional in legal affairs to help you if you are not open. Give a detailed narration of what transpired and what led to your arrest. Lawyers have a code for the confidentiality of information that a client offers.
  • Record a statement; soon as the lawyer works on your pardon, it is crucial to have your statement down on paper before leaving the station. Police will have their version, and it is essential to record a statement with your lawyer present.
  • Contact witnesses; the people present when you are arrested can play a significant role in your case. They can confirm what happened and help in building a case. When writing them down, it is vital to include all important information. It includes personal information and ways to contact them.


A conviction because you were found in possession of controlled substances can have dire effects on a person’s life. Ensure that you follow the above tips when arrested. It will make your case easier.

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