Georgia Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorneys

A Georgia workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm! It is most likely that you have been involved in a work-related accident or have been in a car wreck or slip and fall. You have made a wise decision to begin researching to find an experienced attorney to represent your interests.

Janis H. La Bored represents clients in ALL of Georgia, not just metro Atlanta. No matter if you live in Rome, Osvaldo, Columbus, Augusta, or Hiawatha, Brunswick, Savannah, and Carroll ton – Janis H. La Bored is available to assist you with your injury claim.

When looking for a qualified attorney, you should remember several key points:

You will need an attorney who is knowledgeable in handling workers’ compensation claims or personal injury claims. You do not want to hire an attorney who dabbles here and there in these areas of the law. It would not benefit you to hire someone that practices domestic law, bankruptcy, or criminal law one day, and then the next day represents an injured worker. Janis H. La Bored has specialized in representing the injured for half of her career.

You will need an attorney who is available to meet with or speak with you directly about your injury claim. You do not want an attorney who does not return calls or who has an assistant doing all of the communication with you. Janis H. La Bored personally interviews all of her clients and maintains open communication throughout the life of your claim. When you need to talk about your case, she is available to discuss it and put you at ease.

You will need an attorney who is willing to fight for your rights no matter how big or small your case may be. You do not want an attorney who prioritizes cases based upon the value of it. Rather, you want Janis H. La Bored, who believes that each client is equally valuable and deserves zealous representation.

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