The Worker’s Rights and Independent Lawyers Vs. Salaried Pros and Cons

Job duties

Basic duties of workers:

  1. Comply with the obligations of your job, in accordance with the rules of good faith and diligence.
  2. Observe safety and hygiene measures.
  3. Comply with the orders and instructions of the employer in the regular exercise of his managerial powers.
  4. Not to concur with the activity of the company, in the terms established in this Law.
  5. Contribute to the improvement of the productivity of the company.
  6. How many derive, where appropriate, from the respective employment contracts.

Validity of the contract:

If only part of the employment contract is void, it will remain valid in the remainder, and will be deemed completed with the appropriate legal precepts in accordance with the provisions of number 1 of article 3 of this Law. If the worker had assigned conditions or special remuneration by virtue of consideration established in the invalid part of the contract,

The competent jurisdiction that at the request of the party declares the nullity will make the due ruling on the subsistence or suppression in all or part of said conditions or remuneration.

In the event that the contract is void, the worker may demand, for the work he has already provided, the compensation resulting from a valid contract.

A lawyer is a professional legal advice that he provides to his clients. Salaried lawyers work in nonprofit organizations, corporations, law firms or in government. They are either self-employed or in practice as partners in law firms or do solo practices.

Those who are partners in a law firm earn more than lawyers who do individual practices. They work in legal services also earn less compared to corporate lawyers. People who have started their individual practice as a lawyer should also resort to doing other part-time jobs to earn more income until they are well established as a lawyer.

This high salary is one of the important factors that have attracted many people to opt for this profession. The initial salary of a lawyer is about $ 57,000 per year and the average salary is about $ 94,000.

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